Hi guys, thanks for stopping by and checking out our page. We are a family of three Shiba Inus: Boss, Duke, and King, living their best life in sunny California. 

More about the boys:

King and Boss are littermates and are fraternal twins. I don't know which boy came out first but I feel that King is the oldest and acts like the Alpha amongst the group. Duke is a cousin as their mothers are sisters! Totally coincidental and happy it turned out this way. 

All three boys are purebred Shiba Inu's with parents that come from Champion bloodlines. King is a Red Shiba, Boss is a Black and Tan, and Duke is a Sesame. 

The dynamics between the three are funny to observe. King is the definition of a traditonal Shiba. Aloof, independent, too good for the common things, and judges you without restraint. Boss is the ever so caring and watchful referree you'll ever meet. Has a good case of FOMO and always checks the group making sure everyone is being friendly and not playing too rough. Duke on the other hand is a stage 5 clinger. Total Mama's boy, extremely affectionate with a never ending supply of energy to play with his friends, and my only guard dog who can sense bad energy from a mile away. 

More about the Butler aka Mom:

Do you really care about her? She's just a full time butler making sure the boys have a roof over their heads, are well fed, and are well traveled. She wants to make sure they live their one life exploring and experiencing things they wouldn't be able to do on their own. Pretty sure she's just being selfish and doing it for her own cause. 🤣 Kidding...all jokes aside,

My name is Cynthia, ever since I was a little kid about 8 years old, I've dreamt of having a dog. Always begged and pleaded but the answer was a consistent no. I even remember in high school, negotiating to do all sort of chores and vowing to dedicate more hours of piano, flute and cello practice.  It was an absolute firm no. So I decided to wait until I got a job and able to support myself. During this waiting period I did tons of research into different breeds and eventually came across the Shiba Inu. I fell in love and you know the rest.

Fun fact! Boss and King are the first dogs I've ever owned and trained myself. 

If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to reach out! You can reach us by email or dm us on Instagram @Shiba_Bros